Magic of Super 8mm Filmmaking Workshop

Magic of Super 8mm Filmmaking Workshop
DURATION Studio session runs for 2.5hrs, from 2:30pm - 5pm over 2 days.
Production day will take 5hrs, from 1pm - 6pm.
Screening and critique of films will be a 2hr session.
TARGET GROUP Film Students, Hobbyists, Film Enthusiasts, and Media Lecturers.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND Anyone interested or keen to learn and find out more about this film medium.
Students will have more time to discuss and develop their ideas to shoot a roll of film.
Each student will make a film on one Super 8mm cartridge, editing “in-camera”.
WHAT'S INCLUDED Course Material, Camera (For Duration of Workshop Use Only), Film Stock, Film Processing and Transfer, Shipping and a DVD of your film.
DATES 13, 14 & 20 August / 3 September, 2016
Saturday, 13 August, 2016 / 2.5 hrs
• History of Super 8mm
• Super 8mm Film Stock Available Today And Active Communities
• Super 8mm In A Digital World
• What Can Be Achieved with Super 8mm?
   - Various Techniques
   - Mixing Mediums (Super 8mm & DV)
   - Using Super 8mm In Film & TV Productions
• Developing Ideas
   - Experimental, Documentary or Narrative
• Screening of Super 8mm Short Films
Sunday, 14 August, 2016 / 2.5 hrs
• Resources Available Today
• Developing, Transfers, Buying Film And Cameras
• Handling Of Super 8mm Camera
   - How Does A Super 8mm Camera Work?
   - Checking Super 8mm Camera Functions
   - Loading Film
   - Operating A Super 8mm Camera
   - Shooting Night And Day
• Directorial Considerations
• Project Idea Presentation With Storyboard
• Consultation And Feedback For Project
Saturday, 20 August, 2016 / 5 hrs
• Production And Consultation
   - Production / Filming
Saturday, 3 September, 2016 / 2 hrs
(2 weeks after film is processed and shipped home)
• It's A Wrap!
   - Screening With Super 8mm Projector (Reversal Film Only) & Critique Of Films

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