Introduction to Darkroom Printing Workshop

Introduction to Darkroom Printing Workshop
DURATION Each session is 5hrs, from 1-6pm.
TARGET GROUP Film Students, Hobbyists, Film Enthusiasts, and Media Lecturers.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND Anyone interested or keen to learn more about the Black & White Film Printing Method.
For those interested to find out a bit more about the Darkroom Process and equip themselves with new skills.
The introduction workshop will demonstrate and explore this traditional printing technique.
WHAT'S INCLUDED Course Material, Darkroom Equipment, Chemistry, 8x10” Resin Coated Paper.
REQUIREMENTS Students are required to bring along an exposed Black & White 35mm processed negative film that they wish to print.
This course does not cover the topic of film processing itself.
DATES 22 & 23 October, 2016 / 12 & 13 November, 2016
Saturday / 5hrs
• Photographic Chemistry
• Safety
• Developer
• Stop Bath
• Fixer
• Hypo Clearing Agent
• Types Of Photographic Enlarging Paper And Sizes
• Getting Familiar With Darkroom Equipment
   - Developing Trays
   - Graduates
   - Storage Bottles And Tanks
   - Developing Accessories
• Short Tea Break
• Parts Of An Enlarger
• Focus Your Picture
• Test Strips
• Making Exposure Calculations
• Printing A Photo
   - Burning
   - Dodging
   - Filters
   - Disposal Of Chemicals
   - Experimental, Documentary or Narrative
• Dry Run-Through
Sunday / 5hrs
• Darkroom Session
   - Wet Session With Safelight

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